Empowering people through books & t’s

If you read our blog the other week you will have seen that we attended a seminar at London Book Fair on how digital publishing may impact developing countries. This week we will be participating in Book Machine’s first ever Twitter debate “What effect will digital publishing have on access to content in developing countries?” which will explore this topic in further detail and will hopefully shed some interesting light on the matter from in the know publishing bods. To follow what is said then search for #BMhour on 21st September 6.30 pm GMT and make sure you include the # if you want to join in.
Take a look at the Book Machine website for more info and you can also read our notes from London Book Fair’s seminar on ‘Sub-Saharan Africa in the Age of Digital Publishing’.

So, in the spirit of this theme Karen came across this brilliant website and blog called Out of Print clothing. We think they are great!  They specialise in printing t-shirts with iconic (and often out of print) book covers on them. They love books so much and recognise the power that reading has on people that they want to make sure those who don’t have the resources to read get them. So for every t-shirt they sell they donate a book to a community in need through partnering up with Books for Africa. They both do a marvellous job and we hope lots of people buy their t-shirts and consequently get books sent to those who don’t have the same access we are all lucky to have.

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