Life launches this week!

Amy gives us a sneaky peak of one the latest projects to go through the studio. Check back soon for the low down on how the launch party went at the Natural History Museum.

Like so many people I look back at my school days with some regret. I wasn’t a bad student at all, but I still wish I’d paid more attention, cared more, tried harder.
The older I get, the stronger my thirst for knowledge becomes and recently I’ve become consumed with fascination about the world around me. So when an adult course for Cengage with National Geographic content came into the studio, I was chomping at the bit to get involved!
The National Geographic content in Life makes the reading texts, videos and photos both beautiful and engaging. It was our job to integrate them in a way that was sympathetic to the original article.
We kept a stack of NG magazines on our desks and concentrated on making the most of the photos with clean, simple designs and typography, and an adult palette. I think the overall effect is stunning and we are already hearing rumblings of agreement from within the industry!
I’m eagerly anticipating attending Life’s (and my first) launch this week at the Natural History Museum and can’t wait to hear what everybody thinks! (OK, I admit I’m really looking forward to seeing the dinosaurs too!)
I’ll be back with a report from the launch soon *** Amy

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