Illuminate Publishing GCSE Drama Unit

Here at emc we design a whole range of materials for a variety of products, from ELT materials, sports books and school textbooks.

We are proud to announce that one of our latest pieces has been the design & layout for Illuminate Publishing‘s newest  Drama textbook for GCSE: Unit 1 Devised Practical Performance.

Endorsed by WJEC, the textbook is an “exciting and engaging student book that for the first time offers a comprehensive range of proven ideas and resources to help students in their Devised Practical Performance.”

WJEC GCSE Drama by Illuminate Publishing (page design by emc design)

WJEC GCSE Drama by Illuminate Publishing (page design by emc design)

The book contains active ideas for tasks, solo and group exercises and games, and top drama tips that will really encourage students to think and perform. The layout incorporates a flat design presentation, a design trend that is being used throughout educational publications (you can read more about flat design from an earlier blog post here). This is reminiscent of much of emc’s work, creating engaging presentations that are easy to study and enjoy.

You can purchase the textbook, along with other materials from the Illuminate Publishing website.

About emc design

emc design is a leading print & digital design agency for publishing.
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