Instagram – Creativity for time poor people

EMC is expanding it’s Creative Content department and we are very focused on creative images. A number of our designers have creative hobbies outside of work, including our MD Mike. He has recently joined Instagram and here is his take on the forum.

When time allows I enjoy drawing and painting and also photography. What I don’t do any more is actual design in the company as it takes all of my time involved in running the day to day and strategic side of EMC. Recently, however, having a smart phone with a decent camera, I have joined Instagram. The motivation to take photos, add a little post-processing creativity and then post them on Instagram has been very stimulating and has satisfied my creative side enormously. I carry my phone everywhere so it’s always available and it doesn’t take much time to post photos, which I try and do most days.

With the photos I take with ‘proper’ cameras I spend a lot of time getting perfect the exposure, tonal values and all other aspects of creating a ‘quality’ image to be able to print at large sizes. The images I make for Instagram are not very large and so I can be a bit more creative and wacky as they only ever appear at a small size and it frees me from the technical restraints of the larger format. Interestingly, this has been as satisfying creatively as the more serious side of photography. And it’s fun!

In fact, since starting this, it has made me think that I should always be carrying around my better cameras anyway to get the best of both worlds!

A selection of Mike’s Instagram’s are below and you can follow him here.

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