From London to Paris

Last year Dale Magee (one of emc’s designers), took on the challenge of running a half marathon in memory of his Gramp. This year he is taking the challenge to a whole new level and cycling nearly 500 km from London to Paris!

londonparis blogAfter running a half marathon last year in memory of my Gramp, I thought I’d up the ante this year and participate in a sponsored bike ride from London to Paris. My Gramp, George sadly passed last year when complications with a routine bladder cancer operation resulted in his untimely death. George suffered from Dementia during the latter years of his life, and spent his remaining time under the impeccable care of my mum and dad. It is for this reason that I’ve decided to try and raise £1,470 (the minimum level of sponsorship required to take part in the event) for Dementia UK.

The bike ride runs over the course of four days, 15th – 19th July. The first day begins in London, with the participants cycling 95 miles south and ending the day catching the ferry across to Calais. The second day they will cycle 70 miles across the French countryside ending the day in Abbeville. On the penultimate day, the route will follow the river Somme out of Abbeville, ending in Beauvais and on the final day of cycling the cyclists will make their way from Beauvais to Paris, crossing the finish line under the Eiffel Tower. The team here at emc are going to be supporting Dale in spirit and in cash – so if you’d also like to support this worthy cause you can sponsor Dale here.

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