From brief to final page

Julian Mosedale is one of the illustrators we commission to create artwork. Here he describes the process from the brief, we at eMC Design send to him, to the final piece appearing on the page. In this case it is Macmillan’s Interface Work Book 4.

•    Receive brief.
•    Give it a read.

•    Have a bit of a think.
•    Drink coffee.
•    Pick up pen.
•    Put down pen. Feed cat.
•    Have a bit more of a think.
•    Start drawing up pencil roughs into artwork spaces.
•    Rub out rubbish bits.
•    Drink more coffee.
•    Scan in roughs and convert to JPEGs.
•    Email to eMC.

•    Have another coffee.
•    Wait for Macmillan to approve roughs.
•    Feed kids. Trip over cat.
•    Some weeks later, get comments on roughs.
•    Make amends if need be.
•    Ink in pencil linework.
•    Rub out pencils.
•    Eat some toast.
•    Scan in black line.
•    Colour up in Photoshop and add textures or fiddly bits.
•    Once happy, send over to eMC.

•    eMC place on layouts and let me know if all is well.
•    If all is not well (may be I’ve done something the wrong size or greyscale when it should have been colour due to eating too much toast and not enough reading of brief – it can happen!), turn around some speedy amends and resend.

Everybody happy?
Job done!

The final artwork as it appears on the page.

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