Meet Abi



Abi completed her degree in Typography and Graphic Communication from the University of Reading in 2013 and joined emc design along with one of her peers Becky. We asked her to reflect on her time with us so far.

What were your first few weeks like?
I had a wonderful first day, I made scarecrows! It’s great fun to work in a rural setting, with lovely scenery and scarecrow competitions (we get involved in the local community when we can). I was made to feel very welcome as we had a welcome lunch and a music quiz and dinner, which was a great opportunity to get to know people more.

Can you remember what your first project was and did it meet your expectations?
The first project I worked on was a student book that was going through its 2nd or 3rd proof stage – which meant I was working through the editorial corrections to the book. It was a good opportunity to familiarise myself with BSI proof correction marks. And see how a complex student book is set up.

What were your first few months like? And were you settling into the work?
The first few months were a really good opportunity to become familiar with certain projects. And a good chance to have a go at a variety of things including realia (creating real life examples of English), typestyling new projects and online resources. It’s a nice feeling when you know where the projects are at and you can start to own it.

After your first 6 months with us we give everyone an appraisal, firstly to see more formally how you’re doing and whether you’ve passed your probation period. And secondly to set you some goals and how to help you over the next year. So how did you find it?
Driving John to the pub in my leaking Renault Clio was a fun experience! In all seriousness though my appraisal was a good opportunity to talk through the work I had been doing and the areas to improve on and develop. It’s really helpful to chat through how I had been finding my time here at emc.

Where are you at today and what’s next for you?
Today, I’m continuing to work through my goals. And I’m enjoying feeling part of the team and starting to own more projects and be given more responsibility. I’ve also been trusted to make the tea and learnt how to use the coffee machine!

If you connect with Abi and like the idea of learning to become an editorial designer, in a supportive environment at one of the UK’s leading editorial design agencies then download our graduate scheme information pack here.

Meet more designers who joined us as graduates here.

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