Meet Dale



Dale joined emc design after he graduated with an HND in Graphic Design from Bedford College in 2010. He started as a junior graduate and is making his way up the company ladder.

What was your background into design?
I was interested in the technical drawing side of graphic design at school. Despite a slightly scary teacher, it made me want to pursue the subject further at college. When I began at college, it was completely different to what I’d imagined. The parallel motion had been replaced with a keyboard and the 4B pencil with a mouse!

How would you describe your style?
I quite like a clean, flat, modern style.

What do you enjoy most about the work?
I particularly enjoy the technical side of the job. There’s a (probably sad?) certain satisfaction to be gained from setting up a job meticulously to aid the speed of production. I also enjoy creating sample designs. This requires you to not only make a visually stimulating design, but to also make it suitable for production. In this way, this job is quite different to a lot of other design jobs as you’re required to be able to lay out not a 4 page leaflet or design an ad, but creatively layout a 200+ page component with speed, accuracy and maintaining a sense of established design.

How has working at emc helped you to develop as a designer?
Working at emc has allowed me develop an extensive (though by no means exhaustive) knowledge of InDesign. And made me realise the importance of accuracy within jobs. I also feel a lot more confident in how to create things that are visually pleasing.

What have been some of your favourite projects to work on and why?
I’ve particularly enjoyed working on New Venture Creation – a book aimed at students who want to be entrepreneurs. It has a very clean, sophisticated feel to the design and with 300+ pages, maintaining the level of design was quite a challenge. Another project which is currently underway is an app design which has been interesting, and provides a different way of approaching design with regards to user experience.

Anything else that you want to say about us that someone joining would like to know about?
Above all, I’ve found working at emc is an enjoyable experience. The staff are all very friendly and approachable. And the management extremely welcoming and generous with rewarding a hard working team.

If you connect with Dale and like the idea of learning to become an editorial designer, in a supportive environment at one of the UK’s leading editorial design agencies then download our graduate scheme information pack here.

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