Meet Jordan



Jordan joined us in August 2013 after completing his degree in Visual Communication from Birmingham City University. We asked him some questions to see how he’s been getting on.

What were your first few weeks like?
The initial apprehension and nerve disappeared within a matter of hours, thanks to the friendliness and atmosphere of the studio. Getting to grips with the amount of work we produce was daunting at first, because of the sheer volume, however the abbreviations soon become a second language.

Can you remember what your first project was and did it meet your expectations?
The first project I worked on was for Cambridge University Press Madrid. I was surprised at first that John was throwing me straight into a live project, and trusting me with this. Obviously there was the pressure of wanting to do your first job incredibly well, but with it being your first job, you know there will be a few slip ups along the way. But these slip ups were met with positivity and advice, rather than the negativity you might expect. The management don’t expect you to get things 100% right at first, and instead spur you on and push you to become better. Which is incredible motivation and a pleasure to be around (and it definitely helped as I slipped up a fair few times!)

What was your first month like? And did you learn new skills?
It’s hard to sum up what was learnt within the first month, because of the amount you take in. You often find yourself in discussion with the other designers within the teams, and you’ll pick up shortcuts, techniques, programmes within a 10 minute conversation. The knowledge, and ability, of the designers within emc makes it difficult to not learn something new every day. You’re always learning.

How were feeling after your first 2-3 months? And were you settling into the work?
After 3 months of my new role, I soon found myself and felt at home within the studio. I had started getting more and more Macmillan Open Mind jobs, and found myself being trusted a lot more. I was also delving into more and more of the really creative work, what we call realia, and photoshop work.

After your first 6 months with us we give everyone an appraisal, firstly to see more formally how you’re doing and whether you’ve passed your probation period. And secondly to set you some goals and how to help you over the next year. So how did you find it?
The 6 month probation period came around within no time. I soon found myself with John talking through everything I had achieved within the 6 months of being in the studio, which went incredibly well. We set goals to accomplish, and steps in which to accomplish them.

We’ve spent a year in our amazing new studio, and we’re still looking to expand our team of incredible designers and personalities and have a management team that are 100% dedicated to the team and our progression. I think it’s fair to say I’m very excited about what the future holds! In terms of my personal journey, I’ve developed my skills significantly and settled in well, but of course there are always things to learn, and the availability of the one-to-one support and the LYNDA online tutorials make this an easy task. As for what I’m working on, I’ve recently found myself dabbling in big, creative realia jobs and I’m responsible for a large Online Resource Project for Macmillan, which is a lot bigger than first expected! Over 7,000 pages later, and we’re just about to start the new level.

What’s next? 

Continue to grow and further my learning, continue to challenge myself and continue to be a valuable asset to a fantastic studio. We’re all incredibly proud of the work we produce here, and these are the levels we will continue to achieve.

If you connect with Jordan and like the idea of learning to become an editorial designer, in a supportive environment at one of the UK’s leading editorial design agencies then download our graduate scheme information pack here.

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