Meet Lindsey



Lindsey joined us as a graduate 9 years ago and has progressed within the company to become a Design Manager.

What’s your background into design?
As a child, I’d always be curled up in a corner somewhere with a sketch book and colouring crayons. At school I loved anything creative – art was my favourite lesson. After my A Levels I took a Foundation BTEC in Art & Design at Bedford College, where you could try your hand at many creative areas such as photography, fine art and textiles. One area was graphic design and I decided that graphics was for me! The following year I enrolled on a 2 year HND course in Graphic design. It was following this course in 2006 that I joined emc design.

How would you describe your style?
I think my design style best suits older age groups. I like working with more muted, flat colours and using photographs in my work.

How long have you been at emc?
I joined emc in 2006 as a junior designer, after university. I progressed to a senior design level and, in 2012, I was made a design manager. I am now responsible for a number of projects, dealing with clients, as well as managing a small team who work on these.

What do you enjoy most about the work?
My favourite part of the job is realia creation. This involves styling up text to make it stand out on a page, either in a decorative way or to mimic something in real life, such as a magazine article, website or notice. Most of the time, this will involve incorporating a photograph into the design or creating a background/texture in Photoshop. I find styling pages where the realia is the main feature the most enjoyable. You can really go to town on these pages, using colour behind the exercises and bleeding the images off the side of the page.

How has working at emc helped you to develop as a designer?
I have learnt a great deal in the last 8 years. I have developed a confidence in my creative ability and have an in depth knowledge of the software. However, I think the biggest thing that I, and everyone else at emc develops, from working with the publishing industry, is an eye for consistency and detail.

What have been some of your favourite projects to work on and why?
One of the projects that stands out is the Global course for Macmillan Education. At the beginning, I struggled with the design because the concept was so different to other courses in the studio. There wasn’t realia in a traditional sense. Just text in circular shapes, block colours and very limited typefaces available. It took a little while to get my head around it but I came to love working on these books. [In 2010 Global was the winner of two prestigious English Speaking Union awards and its design was highly acclaimed.]

Is there anything else that you want to say about emc that someone joining would like to know about – good or bad?
There is a huge amount of learning on the job involved. We work in such a specific way, because the documents we use are so large, that it is essential to ensure accuracy and consistency. Also it means that we can share work out across the studio if necessary because we all work in a similar way. I know that the things I’ve learnt at the beginning of my career are all good working practices that are transferable to all areas of design, particularly in editorial design. The industry we work in is very deadline driven and so the hours are not always 9–5.

If you connect with Lindsey and like the idea of learning to become an editorial designer, in a supportive environment at one of the UK’s leading editorial design agencies then download our graduate scheme information pack here.

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